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    About Chantelle Carrier


    I’m a registered Social Worker, lover of learning, and a dedicated parent.  I’m originally from Northern Ontario, and have traveled and seen different parts of the world, but have settled outside of Ottawa in Embrun.  I provide virtual and phone services throughout the province of Ontario, and there is a good chance I’ve driven through your town in my travels across this province!

    I was raised by another Social Worker, and so was raised with a love of helping others, being compassionate, caring and supportive, along with a love of nature, travel, and good music.

    When working with me, you may want to know that I am an experienced Social Worker, with 16 years of experience behind me, as well as a Bachelor of Social Work and Masters in Social Work Degree. I believe in the ability of all of us to grow and change, and that creating a safe and compassionate place to do so is an important piece to creating change.   I want to help you see your own strengths, build on them, and manage through any difficulties and transitions. Life isn’t always what we hoped or expected, and sometimes we can use some help adjusting to a ‘new normal’ or grieving what we thought our life was supposed to be.   I feel it is an honour to hear people’s stories and support them in their journey.  I hope to help you in yours.

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    My Values


    We hold your information with the highest regard for privacy and security.


    We are flexible in our approach and try to find creative ways to solve problems.


    You will always experience kindness and compassion when accessing our services. 


    We accept where you are at in your life and journey, and our services are provided in a non-judgemental, caring way.

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